St. Anthony Early Learning Center provides a nurturing environment where early education is emphasized and children can grow socially and emotionally. Diverse activities and programs are provided to foster the personal needs of each student.

  • Centering on the advancement of each child’s language acquisition, physical development and health
  • Presenting culturally diverse programs including the Spanish language
  • Promoting education of our teachers through Early Childhood Education Training
  • Offering open communication between parents, children and teachers




The curriculum at St. Anthony Early Learning Center grows with your child.

  • The children are first introduced to the Creative Curriculum program
  • The Creative Curriculum for infants and toddlers provides a comprehensive framework for planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program. It emphasizes that the relationships between caregivers/teachers and children and families are extremely important for very young children.
  • The children are then introduced to the Early Start program. In this program the children complete hands-on learning experiences in math, science, language arts, movement, music, and social activities.
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When the children reach our Pre-K the program Open Court is utilized.

This program provides clear instruction on:

  • Phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge
  • Comprehension skills and strategies
  • Inquiry skills and strategies
  • Writing and language art skills and strategies
  • Mathematics skills
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St. Anthony Early Learning Center provides wholesome meals to help your child learn and grow.

  • Breakfast, hot lunch, and afternoon snack provided each day
  • All meals are composed using the Child and Adult Care Food Program. This program utilizes the education tool, My Plate, which focuses on providing balanced meals incorporating fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein. Portion sizes are appropriate for each age group.
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  • Peanut Free Facility
  • Download a Sample Menu



Physical Fitness:

Time and space for physical activity is provided each day at St. Anthony’s Early Learning Center.

  • The indoor Workout Zone lets children run, climb, ride a bike and play together. There is a separate room for infant and toddler activity with mirrors, ballet bars and toys and a room for sensory exploration with a water table and sand table. It’s 1,500 square feet of fun!
  • As weather permits, we take the fun outside to our outdoor playground with areas and equipment specially designed for each age group.
  • Children are better able to focus on educational programs after some running around with their friends!



Field Trips:

  • Our students learn and have fun during our off-site field trips to places including Coleman’s Pumpkin Patch and Tree Farm, the DuPont Theater, the Grand Opera House, the Delaware Children’s Museum and the Brandywine Zoo.



ELC Teachers:

  • All teachers and teacher assistants are certified by the State of Delaware
  • Teachers are required to take continuing education courses each year to remain certified
  • Teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid for infants and children by the American Safety and Health Institute